"To the End of the Earth." Excerpts from my Antarctica journal, Oregon Quarterly, Winter 2012, pages 27-33.

"To the End of the Earth." Oregon Quarterly Magazine, Winter 2012 article based on my journal entries from a research trip to Antarctica. This is how science gets done; curled up seasick on the floor of a bathroom on the Laurence M. Gould.


"Denizens of Decay." Meet the Oregon Slender Salamander, the only Oregon amphibian that respects state boundaries! This essay appears in the book Forest Under Story, a collection of writings from the Long Term Ecological Reflections project at H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest.


"‘Controversy’ over Herbicide Obscures Public Risk." Guest editorial for the Eugene Register Guard newspaper (November 7, 2014) regarding the science and controversy surrounding biologist and herbicide activist Dr. Tyrone Hayes.