Seen & Heard

A sampling of spoken and written presentations of my writing.


“Three Voices on Sustainability,” a reading with Carter McKenzie and Margaret Robertson for the Lane Writers Reading Series.


“Lizard Tales.” Oregon Quarterly Magazine. This is my idea of a good time: a field excursion to the Oregon High Desert to visit the oldest human occupation in western North America, noose lizards, and run naked in the desert. The accompanying cartoon by Kevin Whipple captured me in action. 

“Fungus Foray.” Oregon Quarterly Magazine. An autumn search for wild and wily mushrooms with the University of Oregon Outdoor Program.
“To the End of the Earth. Oregon Quarterly Magazine. Based on my journal entries from a research trip to Antarctica. This is how science gets done; curled up seasick on the floor of a bathroom on the Laurence M. Gould.
Review of “Stem of Us,” a book of poetry by Carter McKenzie. Turtle Island Quarterly. Yes, I do read poetry, and occasionally even write about it!

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